Project description and goals

ReNoStar GmbH, founded in 1982, is the managing leader in the project “introducing electronic legal communication in Ethiopia with the help of prototypes”.

Interim goals

The project was started in June of 2017. It follows the rules of projects, which are jointly implemented by the German Federal ministry of economic cooperation and development (BMZ) and the partner sequa.

ReNoStar will be training around 330 Ethiopian students, attorneys and judges, as well as other people in the legal sector on the possibilities of using a modern system for electronic legal communication (ELC), with consultations and training courses. The company’s goal is to help the local judicial system on the path towards implementing ELC and related solution models under its own steam, as well as training individuals on how to use and establish the system long-term.


The Ethiopian government’s Growth and Transformation Plan codifies ambitious goals for the country’s future economic growth, investments in social and economic infrastructure, as well as combating poverty. This strategy also features provisions for the modernisation and digitisation of procedural systems within the national judicial system. However, there is currently a dearth of modern court buildings, technological infrastructure and qualified personnel. Furthermore, one of the plan’s key targets is to standardise the administrative procedures of all involved actors (i.e. courts, citizens and later also lax firms) and make them more transparent.

To achieve these goals in a timely and professional manner, the Federal Republic of Germany supports this project within the framework of the initiative: in the first stage, legal professionals throughout the country are trained on the technological and legal framework necessary for the seamless electronic exchange of legal documents. In the next stage, they will learn how such technologies can optimally (and successively) be introduced.