For more than 30 years, the owner-led company ReNoStar has been supporting and ensuring the success of law firms and notaries through sophisticated organisational concepts and generic software solutions.

Over 7,500 law firms supplying over 50,000 jobs use ReNoStar software solutions. Besides the dynamically updated law firm software, a focal point of ReNoStar’s business lies in providing complete IT concepts (with activation guarantee). Throughout many years of experience, ReNoStar has learned all the operational procedures of law firms. This has led to a number of tried-and-tested model system architectures, for which ReNoStar supplies a full functional warranty.

As the market for such products is already well established in developed countries, markets in developing and tiger countries are becoming increasingly attractive. For instance, applications for electronic legal communication in Ethiopia are not widespread thus far. However, due to its fast growth and supportive political environment, the country is well suited for a successful introduction of such technologies.

ReNoStar’s market entry strategy is complemented by planned training in the electronic legal communication (ELC) framework, by enabling valuable contacts between target groups during the training process, and establishing the necessary foundations for the application of ELC solutions. These can then be serviced by ReNoStar products or products from other suppliers.

For this purpose, ReNoStar offers tried-and-tested and DIN/ISO-certified learning concepts, which can be deployed in online (virtual classrooms) and offline (in-person training) scenarios.


Besides the project of implementing ELC, modern-day Ethiopia is home to a multitude of legal regulations, provisions and statutes from different epochs of the country’s history. However, they are not codified in standardised bodies of law. This makes the jobs of judges and attorneys harder, as every unique case requires extensive research as to the applicability of specific rules and regulations.

Early-stage deliberations regarding the consolidation of multiple legal sources into a modern digital database are currently underway. This could result in a successive project, for which ReNoStar is already doing exploratory work.